Save time and money

Job postings with videos attract more job applicants. By properly utilising social media to identify the right target audience there is less need to promote positions across numerous different channels. You will be able to get more applicants in a shorter period of time and as a result, you will significantly shorten your whole hiring process and improve your time to hire.

Additionally, you will save the time associated with scheduling, interviewing and providing feedback to unsuitable candidates.

Reach more people

People share videos more often than text and images. According to Wordstream, video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Promote your employer brand in a compelling way

Videos are perfect for promoting your employer brand and presenting your company as a great employer. You can use videos to tell a story about your company, highlight your company values and present your employee value proposition. You can also showcase your company culture and your workplace and give potential candidates a glimpse into an everyday life at your office.

Ensure cultural fit

A video that shows everyday life at your workplace enables people to imagine themselves working at your company. They will be able to assess if a job at your company is what they are looking for and as a result, opt out of the hiring process if they do not consider themselves to be a good fit.

Enhanced candidate experience

Videos are a great way to deliver a differentiated message to your job applicants. By using videos you can ensure a timely and personalised communication process throughout your hiring process, which can significantly improve your candidate experience.